Parking lot's in Flörsheim near Airport FRA

Parking Service for Airport Frankfurt

Our Parking in numbers

Our parking lot can accommodate over 400 cars. In addition to the personal supervision by our staff, the area is additionally video-monitored. Since early 2010, we have also provided covered parking. To get a more accurate picture, have a look at the bottom of our gallery.

In addition to the parking additional services can be used. Whether workshop service, tank filling, shopping or stone chipping repair, we do gladly tasks, in order to allow you a most relaxing stay at the destination.

Parking annual numbers

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Valet Parkings
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The shuttle buses provide a supply chain and are always in use – whether day, whether night, whether rain or shine. Of course, our service staff will gladly help you to carry your bag. If you’re traveling with toddlers, let us know. So we can install the child seats before the journey. Do you travel to camp in Indonesia? Then this may be bulky luggage. Please make sure when booking that you tell us the dimensions, so we can make provisions. And off you go! Buckle up and off to the desired terminal …

Our Desk

We make the stay as comfortable as possible. Whether coffee or soft drink, a small snack for a small appetite – we offer the greatest possible service, because well-being is the motto!

On our comfortable couch, you can also enjoy a few minutes or hold a chat with your fellow travelers before the great journey begins. Magazines, newspapers and a TV are also provided for entertainment.

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